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Hospice Care

Is Hospice care right for my pet as well as my family?



Once a life-limiting illness has been diagnosed, it is time to discuss how everyone will want to proceed with care. You should learn who wants to help, who can dedicate time to the pet’s care, and what your financial resources are. It is also important to learn early on whether you will assist in the natural dying process or choose euthanasia when the time is right. 

Assisting a natural death - if you will wait for a natural death, hospice care is critical to prevent suffering by managing pain and to meet the pet’s needs right up to the end. This level of hospice care is very involved and will take great dedication by everyone in the home. It can be a very enriching time as you guide your pet along the transition between life and death.

Choosing euthanasia - if you will choose euthanasia, your pet can be made comfortable and your family informed on what signs to look for to indicate the time for euthanasia has come. The hospice care time will be reduced, but the level of care will remain high. Euthanasia can be chosen at any time you believe your pet is no longer responding to their medications and treatments.

What does Pet Hospice Mn provide?



Our hospice team is dedicated to helping you and your pet’s bond remain strong during this difficult time. We will be a stable resource for you and assist in any way we can. As you begin this transitional time, our team will provide the following to get you started with confidence:

Over the phone consultations and in-home visits

Instruction on medication administration, supply use, and storage

Information on disease progression and crisis management

Daily enrichment programs

Palliative care

Help in deciding when the time might be right for euthanasia

Aftercare options and grief support

Pet Hospice care is designed to provide your pet with a personalized palliative care plan that is right for them. We strive to make your pet’s final days comfortable and enjoyable. Treatment may be modified as needed throughout and will include many of the following:

1. Pain Management                                         

Oral medications                                 

Injectable medications                     


Massage and/or physical therapy   

Reducing environmental stressors

2. Nutritional Therapy                                       

Providing a proper diet                   

Fluid therapy                                     


3. Wound Care                                                    

Cleaning and managing wounds



4. Household Modifications                           

Temporary ramps                           

 Carpet runners                                

Pet doors                                         

 Bed placement                               

5. Mental Stimulation                                       

Appropriate toys                           

Play dates                                       

Attention from family                 

What is the next step?



If you haven’t done so already, you may call to schedule a hospice consultation or euthanasia appointment whenever you are ready. One of our wonderful staff will come to your home to meet you and your pet, discuss what is important to you, and design the best protocol for everyone involved. Some consultations become euthanasia appointments when it becomes evident that hospice care is not in everyone’s best interest and your family feels the time is right to say goodbye. Each family is unique in their needs and we are here to attend to your wishes.